Innovative Computing Technologies in Reliability and Safety

We recently live in the time of expanding computing technologies. Most of problems in reliability, risk and safety (RRS) applications require massive computing technology to be successfully solved, particularly in case of NP-hard problems. NP-hard problems are problems for which there is not known polynomial algorithm, so that the time to find a solution grows exponentially with problem size.

Examples of exacting computing problems are following: most of optimization problems (e.g. in maintenance modeling), simulations of big complex systems, combinatorial problems in context with reliability of selective systems, dynamic reliability problems, learning Bayesian networks, etc. Consequently these computing problems cause fast development of computing technologies nowadays, what gives rise to many supercomputing centers. A supercomputer enables massively parallel simulation, industrial calculations which plays a key role in assessing the probability of major accidents, risks (including financial), natural disasters, or safety of populations.

Orientation on advanced computing technologies (including effective algorithm development, parallelization of algorithms, big data elaboration and storage, etc.) in context with RRS across all of ESRA activities is main intention to existence of this technical committee.

The TC aims at the keeping excellence in computing methodologies and technologies in context with RRS. At every ESREL conference there are usually many papers, which apart from practical solutions, contain certain computing problem, or problem arising from used advanced mathematical methodology. These papers are organized into a relevant stream following from this TC.

The possible activities of the TC include the organization of workshops, technical sessions and roundtables at ESREL Conferences.


Radim Bris,

Christian Tanguy,