Main Objectives

ESRA aims at the promotion and application of safety and reliability techniques and risk management in all branches of technology. It does not aim at making profits and it abstains from all political activities.

In particular, ESRA pursues the following goals:

  1. To assure the establishment of an information network between the members and various industrial, academic and professional organizations and other interested persons;

  2. To promote and encourage good practices in the application of safety and reliability techniques and risk management;

  3. To promote cooperation between national professional associations, standardization organizations, industrial and equivalent groups or associations assuring the mutual exchange of information in the area of safety and reliability;

  4. To promote the formation of professional societies or associations in European Union member states where they currently do not exist;

  5. To encourage the role of national societies or associations, at both national and international Levels;

  6. To assure contacts with organizations active in the area, both inside and outside the European Union member states. International groups and professional societies or associations having similar and/or complementary interests as ESRA can become associated to its activities and proper liaison maintained through ESRAS’s secretariat and;

  7. To promote relevant education and technical training, and harmonize their practices.