ESREL 2023

The topic of ESREL 2023 is “The Future of Safety in a Reconnected World”.

This reflects our ambition to explore how risk, reliability and safety methodologies can help society address the new challenges of the post Covid era and as new technologies proliferate. The conference will present technical and scientific papers covering methods and applications in the fields of risk, safety and reliability.

The city of Southampton has long been at the centre of global connectivity, with its rich maritime history. Both the Mayflower and centuries later the Titanic left Southampton dock, to meet very different fates, with the former signifying the irrepressible spirit of hope and the latter signifying hubris and disaster. Both of these voyages offer lessons in the interplay of human and technological factors, both in optimising safety and reliability and in determining what risks should be taken in the first place.

We look forward to welcoming you to Southampton to discuss the latest developments in safety and reliability in a rapidly reconnecting world.