ESRA at the ICSRS conference - Our TC Decision Making under Uncertainty

The ESRA Technical Committee “Decision Making under Uncertainty” aims at bringing together specialists from industry and researchers worldwide who are contributing to improving the process of decision making under uncertainty with a focus on – but not limited to – reliability, safety and security.

To get the activities of the Technical Committee started, we are organizing a Kick-off event at this year’s ICSRS conference in Venice (Nov. 23-25 Please see the special session page for more information.

Dealing with uncertainties in decision making is a challenge vividly illustrated by latest developments. Measures against the global corona pandemic had a lasting negative effect on entire economic sectors. The European energy supply is currently being put to the test not only by the sudden shortage of gas and oil but also by very different concepts and perspectives in individual member states, leading to inconsistently developed plans to contain the energy crisis and slow down global warming. Balancing risks in presence of deep uncertainty is one of the core issues to be addressed by industry experts and researchers from around the world, who are interested to join and contribute to our future activities.

If you would like to share and broaden your knowledge in this field or present and discuss your issues in a special session at the ICSRS conference in Venice (Nov. 23-25, pls. answer a short survey with more information no later than Oct. 2nd, at Make sure you leave your contact details, so we can get back to you and add you to the expert network. To participate in the Kick-off event in Venice, you may also directly submit a one-page abstract to

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