Nuclear Industry

The Technical Committee on Nuclear Industry aims at promoting and facilitating research, development and application of reliability and risk-based methods for the safety assessment of nuclear energy systems across their entire lifecycle. Emphasis is given to the integration of deterministic and probabilistic safety assessment methods in support of risk-informed decision-making.

Sebastian Martorell - Universitat Politècnica València, Spain
Francesco Di Maio - Politecnico Milano, Italy​​​​​​​



Nicolae Brinzei - University of Lorraine, France; CRAN (Research Center for Automatic Control on Nancy), France
Marko Čepin - University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Gaël Hequet - University of Lorraine - CRAN, France
Karol Kowal - National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland
Sebastian Martorell - Universitat Politècnica València, Spain
Zdenko Simic - Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland

If you want to join the TC just send an e-mail to chair and co-chair with copy to