Economic Analysis

Economic analysis in risk management is a research field with special attention on economic analyses related to key topics in the field of risk management.

The objective of the Technical Committee is to improve the quality and usefulness of economic analyses to support decisions in risk management, as well as providing new knowledge, principles and methods for finding the right balance between different concerns, in particular safety for personnel and economic values.

Examples of topics addressed by the committee are:

  • Portfolio theory in decision situations related to safety
  • Investments in safety on the basis of application of principles such as robustness, precaution and risk aversion
  • To what extent should the values be transformed into one comparable unit
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of safety measures
  • Investments in safety measure and access to an insurance market

The Technical Committee represents a scientific and technical forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas and knowledge among researchers within different areas of expertise, in particular economics and risk analysis and -management.


Eirik B. Abrahamsen - University of Stavanger, Norway​​​​​​​


Athanasios Pantelous - Monash University, Australia

If you want to join the TC just send an e-mail to chair and co-chair with copy to